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Business Conference

Our Partners

Rising Eagle Medical partners with businesses that share our company's mission and values.  The companies we represent allow for synergistic call points so we can leverage existing relationships for all product lines we represent.  

PatCen Logo.PNG

PatCen Healthcare

PatCen Healthcare based in Bellevue, WA is a manufacturer of Video Laryngoscopes.  They are a unique Healthcare Technology company that brings premium, high quality and affordable patient centric solutions to the provider community worldwide.  Their goal is to extract value out of the entire medical device industry value chain - from Customer Need to Product Delivery (CNPD), and pass on the savings to their customers.


Zoe Medical

Since 1996, Zoe Medical has grown quietly to become one of the largest manufacturers of patient monitoring systems in the United States. Over the years, most of Zoe’s business has been designing and building products for other patient monitoring companies. They are now distributing monitors and monitoring systems with their own label.  Zoe Medical patient monitors are designed, manufactured and serviced in the USA.

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