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Business Consultation


We utilize our 48 years of industry knowledge, expertise in government contracting and medical sales to help navigate the nuances of selling medical supplies and equipment in Government Healthcare facilities.

Manufacturer’s Representative/Medical Sales

We work with each business partner to develop a custom sales strategy that best suits their unique needs to increase business with Government Healthcare facilities.  Our value added approach can include adding your products to our government contracts, site visits with your sales representatives, call programs, sales analysis, and other options depending on your needs.



Rising Eagle Medical is a professional services provider, value-added manufacturer’s representative and a manufacturer of medical consumable products.  By carefully listening to our business partners, we specialize in accessing current business processes, identifying challenges and recommending best practices and strategies to achieve sales success in the government space. 

Industrial Building
Industrial Building


We have existing relationships with contract manufacturers.  Our expertise is focusing on high quality US sourced and manufactured products.

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